Despite challenges, US-Russian nuclear arms control has its benefits

By Shannon Bugos | November 9, 2022

Prototype of Russia’s Poseidon nuclear-powered/nuclear-armed torpedo next to the silhouette of a human being and other Russian underwater weaponry. Image courtesy of HI Sutton/Covert Shores

Despite challenges, US-Russian nuclear arms control has its benefits

By Shannon Bugos | November 9, 2022


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World Balancer
World Balancer
1 year ago

Russia should not enter into any negotiations with the US.
Let’s face the facts, Russian military is weaker compared to the west. Putin did a serious miscalculation by not employing nuclear weapons against Ukraine. Any threat by US should have been met by 2x catastrophic consequences for US including full nuclear strike in case of any US retaliation.
Russia should never have allowed US to control the escalation ladder, it’s a serious mistake on Putin part.