Nuclear Roundup: 12/5/2017

By Jodi Lieberman | December 5, 2017

A daily roundup of quality nuclear policy news.

North Korea

Japan wants missiles with enough range to strike North Korea: sources

The past 72 hours in US-North Korea tensions, explained

Kim. Nuclear. War. North Korean propaganda’s not-so-hidden message

Why can’t we live with a nuclear North Korea?

How to spy on Kim Jong Un’s nuclear plans from 6,000 miles away

Commentary: Here’s how the North Korea nuclear standoff will end

Cat Boyd: Why North Korea’s pursuit of nuclear weapons is perfectly rational

United States

Senators: Keep ‘pit’ making at Los Alamos

Leaked report casts doubt on LANL pit production

Questions swirl about plutonium pit production at US lab

Responsibilities of managing Los Alamos lab extend far beyond the Hill

City wants to minimize impact of new power lines for Y-12, UPF

Herbert M. Parker and the making of the atomic bomb

On 75th anniversary of first nuclear fission reactor, MIT re-enacts seminal experiment


EU calls on US to stick to Iran nuclear deal

Russia to get new fifth-generation nuclear attacks sub in 2030s

Russia to build nuclear fuel depot in Egypt

General Interest

‘Nuclear war planner’ reflects on the cold war and assesses the current threat

In the effort to reduce weapons of mass destruction, the glass looks half empty

Radioactive waste and the hidden costs of the Cold War

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