July 2019


A Chinese intercontinental ballistic missile at a 2015 military parade in Beijing. China may be a source for other governments wishing to buy missiles. (Photo credit: Voice of America via Wikimedia Commons.)

Chinese nuclear forces, 2019

China’s nuclear arsenal includes about 290 warheads for delivery by ballistic missiles ...

The focus of US military efforts in outer space should be … arms control

Should the United States create a separate (i.e. sixth) military service, or ...

Marshall Shepherd: Connecting atmospheric science and society

Meteorologist and professor J. Marshall Shepherd talks about why climate literacy remains ...

Arms control in outer space: The Russian angle, and a possible way forward

The United States and Russia have an obvious common interest in strictly ...

Anti-satellite warfare and the case for an alternative draft treaty for space security

A two-step approach toward space arms control: the development and adoption of ...

The Outer Space Treaty and the weaponization of space

Can international law – specifically, amending the Outer Space Treaty – offer ...

Why Star Wars should remain a cinematic fantasy

As major powers race to build military services dedicated to space operations, ...

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