November 2019

November 2019 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists cover image


A large wave at Banzai Pipeline of the North Shore of Oahu, Hawaii

The apocalypse: It’s not the end of the world

The apocalypse probably won’t be quick or final. It will be an ...
The Greenland Ice Sheet was melting already in 2009

Revisiting the climate collapse: The view from Nuuk in the year 2070

How poorly-mitigated fossil fuel use over the next 50 years would cause ...
Depiction of a carbon nanotube

The threats from nanotechnology

While there’s plenty of reason to be optimistic about the future of ...
Current homeland missile defense architecture. (UEWR = upgraded early warning radar.)

US ballistic missile defenses, 2019

According to the latest Missile Defense Review, the United States will continue ...

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November 2019 Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists cover image

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