View from the top of one of the approximately 111 offshore windmills in Anholt, Denmark. Site of the country’s largest windfarm, Anholt generates enough electricity to supply 400,000 Danish households. Image courtesy of Ørsted.

Tom Steyer on clean energy: It’s where the big money is going

By Dan Drollette Jr, March 15, 2021

For the better part of two years, wealthy investor and philanthropist Tom Steyer was on the presidential campaign trail, making the case among voters for his signature issue: climate change. The California native, who founded NextGen America, made transitioning from fossil fuels to a green economy the cornerstone of his presidential campaign and said that if elected, he would get action on climate change in the first 100 days of getting into office. Though Steyer ultimately withdrew from the campaign, his words seem to be echoed by our new president Joe Biden, who has made climate change a priority for his administration on a similar time frame—even before taking the oath of office.

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In this interview with the Bulletin’s Dan Drollette Jr., Steyer talks about how to make the transition just for workers, companies, and governments—and, speaking as a billionaire, what he thinks the private sector can do.

As the coronavirus crisis shows, we need science now more than ever.

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