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To reassure Taiwan and deter China, the US should learn from history

By (Clark) Aoqi Wu, March 13, 2023


“Welcoming the People's Liberation Army entering the city,” original 1949 poster. After Chiang Kai-Shek’s Nationalist troops had left Beijing, Mao’s communist People’s Liberation Army troops enter the city on January 31, 1949. Source: https://chineseposters.net/gallery/pc-1949-002


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1 year ago

Excellent article, leaves the NYT, FT, WSJ or TE in the dust. Why can’t we have more in-depth analysis and less propaganda in what used to be serious media outlets? I don’t think the Taiwanese will allow themselves to be used for a proxy war against China, the way the Ukrainians are currently being used against Russia. They could rather reach a fig-leaf agreement with Xi along the lines of “official unification,” fly the PRC flag alongside RoC flag in Taiwan, close the very few embassies they have left, and related cosmetic measures, while both sides agree to keep all… Read more »