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The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists begins publishing in 1945

The first issue of the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists

A brief history:

September 26, 1945: A group of Manhattan Project scientists from the University of Chicago forms the “Atomic Scientists of Chicago.”

December 10, 1945: The Atomic Scientists publish the first issue of their newsletter, the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists. Editor Eugene Rabinowitch realized that with the end of the Manhattan Project, these scientists who had worked so closely together now needed a new way to communicate with both each other and the public.

June 1947: The Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists newsletter became a full-fledged magazine. The first issue’s cover features the “Doomsday Clock,” signaling the Bulletin’s urgent mission to call the public’s attention to the threat of nuclear weapons.

The Bulletin becomes a full-fledged magazine in 1947
The Bulletin becomes a full-fledged magazine in 1947

This artifact is featured in our virtual Turn Back the Clock tour. Take the tour to learn more about the history of the Doomsday Clock and discover how you, today, can help “turn back the Clock.” Start here

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